Virtual Meditation Classes


If you’ve found this page, you’re likely experiencing one (or more – or ALL) of the following:

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Mind constantly busy
  • Suffering insomnia
  • Desperately seeking calm.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience…

A mind that is stable, unruffled, and happy despite life’s everyday challenges?

Here’s the thing:

An untamed mind is likened to a wild elephant – as dangerous as it sounds.


Your mind’s natural state is completely peaceful, stable, and clear – like a vast, deep ocean.

You just need to uncover that natural state within.

And the ancient practice of meditation, used by all spiritual traditions in some shape or form, is the method to go from a state of constant state of agitation and confusion to that of peacefulness and clarity.

The result:

You’ll be happier at work, happier with your relationships, and, most importantly of all, happier with yourself.

The best part –

You can now learn the authentic methods of meditation from the comfort of your own home…

Presenting Virtual Meditation Classes – Access Anywhere In The World!

Our Meditation For Beginners: 8 Week Calm Abiding Meditation Online Course, which has been run by our centre for over 20 years, is now ready to access live online, via Zoom videoconferencing.

Calm Abiding meditation is a traditional, easily accessible form of meditation that will rapidly bring peace and happiness to your mind as you learn to abide in the present moment.

This course is not ‘religious’ and anyone from any faith (or non-faith) background is welcome.

Calm Abiding meditation, also known as Samatha meditation, is a body scan and breathing meditation, designed to help bring the mind to a single point of focus. By training the mind gently with calm abiding meditation, you’ll have a greater peace of mind, and be able focus better on ordinary tasks at work and home.

This Buddhist technique of mindfulness has attracted much interest from modern scientific fields such as psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour as well as sport training.

About this online meditation course:

This 8-week meditation course, developed and refined for over 20 years, will introduce you to the five experiences and nine mental stages of calm abiding meditation through systematic, step-by-step training. The program will give you a complete introduction to help you establish a daily meditation practice.

Many other meditation and mindfulness courses depart from the authentic teachings of meditation and as a result their methods are confusing or misleading as to the real practice of meditation. This course will provide a clear, systematic training in meditation all the way from a complete beginner to the level of a confident meditator.

Based on richness and authenticity Tibetan Buddhist meditation tradition but adapted to suit the needs of modern living, this comprehensive online meditation course will give you the mental tools you need to navigate daily life with calmness, wisdom and confidence.


Meet Your Instructor: Lama Choedak Rinpoche

To learn to meditate you need an experienced teacher and a well defined path. Lama Choedak Rinpoche is a well-respected and revered meditation teacher, Buddhist philosophy scholar, and one of the foremost experts of meditation practice living in Australia. He is an experienced meditation practitioner himself, having undertaken a 3-and-a-half-year solitary meditation retreat, sponsored by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Rinpoche also has over thirty years experience teaching in the West.

Do not miss out on this rare opportunity to learn meditation from a teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition who is also well versed in English and modern-day culture.

It’s Everything You Need To Learn Meditation The Right Way Online:

  • You’ll have the confidence of the knowledge of how to meditate properly and in a way that is beneficial to your mind.
  • You’ll know how to avoid the obstacles and pitfalls faced by all beginner meditators.
  • You’ll have a rich overall understanding of meditation to set yourself up with an effective daily meditation routine.

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“This course transformed my life – I now have the tools to manage my emotions and I am much more focused and clear-minded during the day.”

~ Greg O’Rourke

“Learning meditation has enabled me to find more meaning and value in life’s daily challenges.”

~ Rachel Weiss

8 Week Online Meditation Course Outline:

Please see below for an outline of what each week of this 8-week virtual meditation class program covers.

Every lesson includes detailed instruction followed by a guided meditation session, led by your instructor.

Meditation Class Week 1 – Introduction

In this lesson you’ll get an overview of the practice of Calm Abiding Meditation and the key principles of establishing an effective meditation posture.

Topics Covered:
  • Introduction to Calm Abiding meditation
  • Guided Meditation Session
  • Setting up a conducive space for meditation at home
  • Mindfulness of Body and the importance of posture
  • Establishing a regular routine
  • Dealing with posture issues and any discomfort.

Meditation Class Week 2 – Mindfulness of Feeling

In this lesson you’ll learn how meditation can regulate and gain insight on your feelings – enabling you to have more control over them. You’ll use the breath as a skilful guide to manage your feelings, and to teach the mind to cultivate positive states.

Topics Covered:
  • What is Mindfulness of Feeling?
  • Qualified Rounds of Breathing
  • Identifying Calmness and Distraction
  • Guided Meditation Session

Meditation Class Week 3 – Dealing With Obstacles

Meeting obstacles in meditation is part and parcel of meditation practice. In this lesson, you’ll start to learn skilful ways to deal with obstacles that arise – allowing for greater advances in personal growth.

Topics Covered:
  • Befriending the breath
  • Obstacles to Calm Abiding meditation and their Antidotes Part I
  • Practical benefits of meditation – more than just relaxation
  • Guided Meditation Session

Meditation Class Week 4 – Mindfulness of the Voice

This lesson applies meditation to our speech and how we use our words towards others as a way of bringing meditation into everyday life.

Topics Covered:
  • Mindfulness of Speech and the speech blessing Mantra of Manjushri
  • Super-Qualified Round of Breathing
  • Increasing the affinity with the breath/feelings
  • Guided Meditation Session

Meditation Class Week 5 – Mindfulness of Thought

This lesson brings our awareness deep within to our thoughts. You’ll discover how what we think has great influence on how we speak and act.

Topics Covered:
  • Mindfulness of Thought
  • Counting the breath
  • Engaging life with mindfulness
  • Letting go
  • Guided Meditation Session

Meditation Class Week 6 – Dealing With Obstacles Part II

This lesson delves into more advanced methods for identifying and navigating the obstacles faced in meditation practice.

Topics Covered:
  • Obstacles to Calm Abiding meditation and their Antidotes Part II
  • The moderate approach
  • Guided Meditation Session

Meditation Class Week 7 – Taming The Elephant Mind

In this lesson, you’ll discover how an ancient mural found in a cave in Tibet illustrates the complete path of the meditator and serves as an effective guide for where you are in your practice at the moment.

Topics Covered:
  • Nine stages of Taming the Elephant Mind
  • Guided Meditation Session

Meditation Class Week 8 – Summary and Next Steps

The final week of the course will bring together everything you’ve learned, with tips on how to integrate the practice into everyday life for a calmer, happier mind.

Topics Covered:
  • Final Guided Meditation Session
  • Summary
  • Where to from here?

*BONUS – Free Meditation Book!*

Registration for this online meditation class includes a complimentary copy of the handbook Taming the Elephant Mind by Lama Choedak Rinpoche, which will be sent to you upon registration.


How Do I Access The Online Meditation Classes?

These classes are offered via Zoom videoconferencing. You’ll be able to join in the classes and see and hear your instructor via video. You can also ask questions via microphone or text chat throughout each meditation class.

Tips For Effective Participation In The Online Classes:

  • For the best experience, we recommend a computer, smartphone or tablet equipped with a video camera and microphone. 
  • Find a peaceful conducive space at your home that’s free of distractions to listen and watch attentively to the class with respect.
  • Treat this as an active class just as you would at an in-person meditation centre, and actively engage in the meditation practices throughout each session.
  • Have a pen and paper or some other way of taking notes available.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing and have either a meditation cushion or comfortable chair to use during the online guided meditation sessions.

Class Date & Time & Pricing:

This eight week course is held each school term from 6:00 to 7:30pm Tuesday evenings, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

(Note: you are still welcome to enrol and watch the recorded replays of the sessions and guided meditations if you would still like to participate on your own schedule)

Pricing: Cost of this course is $135 general admission or $105 membership/concession. Includes a complimentary meditation handbook in e-book format.

Course Features:

  • 1.5 hour class each week with meditation master Lama Choedak Rinpoche.
  • Each session includes detailed instruction as well as guided meditation led live by Lama Choedak Rinpoche
  • You’ll have the chance to ask questions via audio or text based chat throughout the classes
  • FREE book included, ‘Taming The Elephant Mind: A Beginner’s Guide To Meditation’ which will serve as the handbook for the course
  • An effective way to learn traditional and authentic meditation practice directly from the Tibetan tradition, from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Want To Try Meditation First? Try a Free Guided Meditation Online!

Held by senior Students of our centre every Sunday (Donations appreciated):

Frequently Asked Questions About This Online Zoom Meditation Class:

Are The Lessons Live, Or Pre-Recorded?

The lessons in this course are live, conducted by Zoom videoconferencing. Note though if your timezone doesn’t permit attendance, replays of each session will be sent to you shortly after the session has concluded.

Can I Get The Replay If I Miss a Online Meditation Class?

Yes – you will get sent one shortly after each session concludes.

Is this meditation class for complete beginners?

Yes – you don’t need to have any experience in meditation practice to do this program.

I’m not a Buddhist – does that matter?

You don’t need to be a Buddhist to do this program. This program is a secular meditation course designed for everyone from all walks of life.

Can I try a class first?

Yes – we offer free guided meditation sessions every Sunday with a senior instructor at our centre. Click here to register >>

Do I need to sit on a cushion or can I use a chair?

It’s fine to sit on a chair if you prefer, you don’t need to sit on a cushion to do this meditation course.

Do I need a particular type of clothing?

You can meditate in any sort of clothing, however you may find it more comfortable to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing especially if you are sitting on a cushion.

I can’t sit still, is that an issue?

Holding the body still is encouraged for meditation, but it’s ok if you need to shift around a little during the online guided meditation sessions, especially as you are starting out. You’ll find your body will naturally become more still the more you practice meditation over several weeks.

If you have any questions about this course, please get in touch here.