Become a Benefactor of the Teachings

In order to introduce the traditional Buddhist practice of ‘generosity’ (dana), we are inviting you to become a benefactor for our weekly Buddhist teachings so that all participants can attend them for free.

As part of this project, with your support we will also be able to live stream the teachings will high audio and video quality across the world via Facebook and Youtube, so that people everywhere, from all walks of life and culture, will be able to benefit from Rinpoche's wisdom of the precious Dharma teachings.

This is an excellent way to offer the teachings to the general public with greater access and also it is a very meritorious thing to do. We are introducing this system with the hope to gradually establish traditional Buddhist practice to promote generosity within the community.

To become a benefactor for one term is $1080 or for whole year, it is $4500.  Our treasurer would like to hear from you if you can be generous to make a pledge to be a benefactor (email [email protected]).

This system will empower many people to attend the teachings without any financial constraint. Please kindly give a good consideration to do this and also encourage others to support this initiative.

(Alternatively, if you would like to make a general donation to our centre, you can donate to our new temple building fund here.)

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