Sakya Losal Choe Dzong

Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra

End of Year Message

By Jampal on 30th December 2016, 08:05

Dear All

We have reached another end of year & on behalf of the Committee I would like to thank you all for your support & participation in all our activities & classes. The Society continues to flourish & deliver its programs due to the generous teachings & spiritual support delivered by Lama Choedak Rinpoche - Thank you kindly Rinpoche la.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers, centre residents & students who work exceptionally hard to ensure all the teachings are delivered on time & recorded for future use.

This year we delivered a full program, including our regular calm abiding & Buddhist philosophy classes in Canberra & all regular retreats like White Tara, Vajrayogini, Hevajra & Ngondro (preliminary practices). We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Sakya international Buddhist Academy (SIBA) & the 20th anniversary of the Rongton Buddhist Training College.

Apart from our regular classes through our Rongton college, every year we deliver talks in schools, the Royal Military College, palliative care and prisons. Our society exists to support all people in our Canberra community & Australia wide through our 14 sister centres.

We continue as Australia's most established Buddhist not for profit organisation due to the support of our members & community. Due to this, we are proud to announce that in early 2017, we are starting construction on the first Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Canberra & first of its kind in Australia. This is an important project to ensure the compassionate activities of our teachers continue & the Buddha dharma flourishes.

Your support in the following year will be greatly appreciated & we will keep you informed on the progress of the temple, including the official construction launch shortly.

Many thanks to you all & we look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Warm Regards

Lidija Trajkoska
SLCD President