A Fortunate Flock

"Amongst all the positive karma, that of releasing life is the highest" Nagarjuna

In Buddhism, the merit of refraining from harming another sentient being not only brings benefit and happiness to others but it purifies ones karma of harmful physical actions of the past. It follows then, that karmically, actively rescuing life goes so much further to benefit and bring happiness.

All traditions of Buddhism observe the ancient practice of releasing the life of animals in order to accrue merit that is dedicated for the benefit of oneself and those in need, particularly the sick, elderly, or those who have passed away.

In 2008, SIBA residents set out to raise funds to purchase 70 lambs that were destined for the slaughterhouse. The programme received the encouragement of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin who did a special blessing of the flock during His visit to SIBA. Many members and friends contributed including His Holiness who personally donated very generously and enthusiastically - and the lambs were rescued!

The sufferings and anxiety of those born in the animal realm are severe and incessant but our very fortunate flock, now sheep, are a thing of happiness to behold. They grace SIBA's fields and those of our neighbouring landholders who appreciate them and their help.

There are ongoing costs for looking after the sheep's wellbeing including dipping, fencing and occassionally feeding. These costs need to be continually met if they are to be truly rescued. Please consider donating to our ongoing sheep rescue programme and dedicate the merit for oneself and others.

Donate online using our secure credit card payment system You can donate as little as five dollars using our secure online donation system. If you have any queries please email us or phone 03 5155 0329.


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